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To calculate a personal insurance quote and see all available options, simply select your age and number of applicants, indicate your visa type and whether or not you have any pre-existing medical conditions as well as choose coverage period and sum insured!

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Deductible: Deductible is the amount of money (CAD) that you agree to pay out-of-pocket for each eligible claim before any remaining expenses are paid for by the insurance provider.
Example: If you have an insurance policy with $250 deductible and receive a bill of $750 for eligible medical services, you will need to pay the deductible of $250 first and the rest $500 will be covered by the insurance company.


Age: Applicant’s current age at the moment of application.


Number of Applicants: “Single” is 1 applicant. “Couple” is 2 applicants and “Family” is least 3 applicants including a primary insurance holder, spouse or partner and dependent(s) i.e. children.


Coverage: Coverage amount is the total policy limit for which an individual person is insured under a single policy. In other words, it is the maximum dollar value for which an individual person is covered regardless of the number of claims.


Start Date: Start Date or Effective Date is the date your insurance policy will automatically begin on.


End Date: End Date or Expiry Date is the date when you insurance policy cease to cover you.


Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Pre-existing medical condition includes any diagnosed and undiagnosed sickness, injury or other medical condition that have existed prior to the effective date of the insurance policy. Specifically, medical conditions that a) exhibited symptoms, b) existed prior to the effective date of your coverage or c) for which you received or required medical consultation, treatment or been hospitalized for.


Visa Type: Applicant’s current immigration status in Canada i.e. Foreign Worker would be a person with a valid CIC issued Work Permit.

GMS: Visitors to Canada / Super Visa Insurance

Congratulations! You’ve made a sound decision to visit one of the most magnificent countries in the world that we proudly call Canada!

If you are applying for a Super Visa, regular tourist visa (TRV), IEC/Working Holiday permit, or you are a New Canadian Immigrant, Temporary Foreign Worker or a Returning Canadian national, GMS insurance for Visitors to Canada is the right choice to pay for medical bills in case there is an urgent health care need, while you are uninsured with or ineligible for a Government Health Insurance Plan!


Summary of Coverage Benefits:

Coverage Amount $25,000 / $50,000 / $100,000 / $150,000
Emergency Medical Treatment Covered
Hospital Service and Supplies Covered
Services of Physician / Surgeon Covered
Diagnostic Services and X-Ray Covered
Ground and Air Ambulance Covered
Stable Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Coverage Covered
Prescription Drugs Covered for a 30-day supply
Services of Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, etc. Up to $300
Follow Up Visits Covered
Child Care Up to $500
Out-of-Pocket Expenses Up to $1,000
Emergency Dental Repairs Up to $2,000
Relief of Dental Pain Up to $250
Out-Patient Treatment Covered
Emergency Return Home Up to $5,000
Return of Deceased Up to $10,000
Burial / Cremation Up to $4,000
Accidental Death Covered

Side-Trips Benefit:

GMS offers comprehensive medical emergency coverage for Side-trips outside Canada that are 30 days in a row or less, provided that your trip begins and ends in Canada as well as your physical presence in Canada prior to the trip is more than 50% of the total coverage period indicated on your insurance policy.

Please note that trips to your home-country are not covered under the Side-Trips benefit.

Policy Wording:

Policy Wording is an official document issued by GMS that contains information regarding payable benefits, exclusion and limitations, as well as refund and claims instructions among other details.

Please, read the policy carefully before you buy the product or consult with our Insurance Advisors, if questions arise.

Click to view – GMS Policy Wording.

Eligibility Requirements:


In order to be found eligible for GMS Visitors to Canada Insurance coverage, you must meet the following criteria:

– You are a tourist / temporary visitor to Canada, Super Visa applicant, new immigrant, foreign worker, IEC / Working Holiday program participant or a returning Canadian resident.
– You are 79 years old or younger when you apply for the insurance coverage.
– You are NOT eligible for and/or insured under any Government Health Insurance Plan in Canada.
– You DO NOT have any reason to seek medical attention in Canada.
– If you are applying for GMS VTCI insurance plan from within Canada:

  1. You MUST NOT have had a medical treatment estimated $5,000 or more over the last 12 months.
  2. You have NOT received refusal, if you have applied for a similar insurance coverage offered by another Canadian insurance.

Please, note that if you are 55 years old or older, you must meet other conditions that are set by GMS in order to determine whether or not you are eligible for an insurance coverage.

Click to view – GMS | Eligibility Requirements


Pre-existing Medical Conditions:

All Visitors to Canada Insurance policies from GMS include the coverage for Pre-existing Medical Conditions that have been stable and controlled for NO LESS than 180 days immediately prior to the Effective Date.

Limitations and Exclusions: Please, refer to GMS | Policy Wording in order to read about the limitations and exclusions to your insurance coverage.


Waiting Period:

If you are applying for GMS Visitors to Canada Insurance coverage BEFORE you arrive in Canada, there will be NO waiting period.

Waiting Period applies, when:

1) 48-hour (2 days) Waiting Period: You apply for GMS medical insurance coverage during the first 30 days of your arrival in Canada immediately after the Effective Date commences.

– A) Medical emergencies associated with physical injuries.
– B) You have a similar health insurance plan from another licensed Canadian insurer.

2) 168-hour (7 days) Waiting Period: You apply for GMS VTCI policy after you have stayed in Canada for 30 days or more following your arrival.

– A) You are insured with another similar emergency healthcare policy from a licensed insurance provider in Canada.

Premium Refunds:


Please note that NO refunds are available in case a claim has been submitted during the period of insurance coverage.


Full Premium Refunds:

You are eligible to receive a Full Refund in case of the following:

  1. If you have applied for the Super Visa and received a refusal.
  2. If no travel to Canada has taken place, request a refund:

– A) Before the Effective date on your GMS insurance policy commences.
– B) After the Effective Date, if you notify us during the first 30 days following the start date of your insurance coverage with GMS. A subject to an administration fee of $40.


Partial Premium Refunds:

Please note that all Partial Refunds are a subject to a $40 administration:

Send a request for policy cancellation and a Partial Premium Refund:

– A) After the first 30 days following your insurance policy’s Effective Date, if no travel to Canada has taken place.
– B) You return to your home-country prior to the expiration date of your GMS insurance policy. The refund is calculated from the date you have departed from Canada.
– C) You become eligible for / insured with any Government Health Insurance Plan in Canada, while being covered by GMS. The refund is calculated from the date GMS is notified.
– D) Insured’s death occurs during the coverage period. The refund is calculated from the date of death.
In order to request a refund contact one of our Insurance Advisors.
Please, refer to the Policy Wording for a complete list of requirements and conditions for requesting a premium refund.

Click to view – GMS | Policy Wording

How to Make a Claim?


If you have a medical emergency, you or someone on your behalf MUST notify Emergency Travel Assistance before treatment takes place, unless physically impossible. Failure to contact Emergency Travel Assistance within the first 24 hours of hospitalization will result in limitation of payable insurance benefits by 30% or $50,000.

Emergency Travel Assistance is available 24 / 7 and can be reached at:

– 1-800-459-6604 (within Canada & USA) – Toll-Free
– 905-762-5196 (Worldwide) – Collect

Claim Submission includes the following procedures:

Please, note that you must send a written claim notice to GMS Travel Assistance center within 30 days of sickness or injury occurrence, a Proof of Claim must be submitted with 90 days from the moment you have called GMS Travel Assistance and any expenses must be reported to GMS within 365 days following the date of the last eligible expense.

Along with a fully completed Claim Form, please include the following:

  1. All original and itemized receipts for treatment and/or medical supplies, prescription drugs, etc..
  2. Proof of payment for medical services.
  3. Historical records, if requested by GMS.
  4. Proof of accident for dental-related claims.
  5. Medical records and diagnosis completed by an attending physician.
  6. Proof of travel dates (departure from your country of origin) and Visa documentation, etc.

The completed Claim Form along with other documents has to be sent to the address provided by GMS Emergency Assistant when you contact them.

A more detailed instruction on how to make a claim can be found in Policy Wording.

Click to view – GMS | Policy Wording