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Super Visa insurance Canada policy ONLY provides medical emergency-based coverage excluding regular physical examinations.
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You may already know that the Canadian government insurance has eligibility limitations for people coming to Canada with a visitor and Super Visa status, while eligible residents may have to wait around 3 months until their provincial insurance coverage is activated. Nonetheless, we have some great news for you!

What is Visitors to Canada Medical Insurance?

Health insurance for Visitors to Canada is specifically designed for temporary and permanent residents including Super Visa applicants, Returning Canadians, New Immigrants, Temporary Foreign Workers, Visitors and people with a transitional or implied immigration status in Canada, who are not initially eligible for any provincial health insurance coverage.
That is why it is important to get an appropriate medical insurance policy for the period of your stay in Canada before you exit your home country in order protect your financial well-being against unforeseen expenses for possible healthcare needs from the day you land.
If you are travelling to Canada for to settle in as a new permanent resident, foreign worker or a returning Canadian national in a certain Canadian province like Ontario, BC, Yukon, Quebec and New Brunswick, you should obtain a private Visitors to Canada medical insurance policy for the time while your provincial insurance is (re) activated, which may take around 90 days.
Also, in case you are applying for Super Visa and want to spend time with your loved ones in Canada, a proper Super Visa insurance policy will be required by IRCC at the time you submit your application.

What Does It Cover?

Visitors to Canada insurance covers the costs for medical emergencies treatment services that cannot be reasonably delayed until you return to your home country or become eligible for provincial insurance coverage in Canada.
Covered services include hospitalization, emergency dental repair, prescription drugs, ambulance transportation, laboratory diagnostics and tests, follow up treatment, paramedical services of such specialists as physiotherapist, chiropractor and osteopath, among many other benefits!
While, emergency health insurance for Visitors, Immigrants and Super Visa program provides comprehensive benefit package at an affordable price, it has its own limitations. Specifically, this type of private insurance does not cover non-emergency treatment such as routine check-ups, consultations, continuation of an ongoing treatment as well as investigative treatment, unless it is related to a medical emergency covered by the policy.

If you are visiting our website, then you already know that a proper insurance policy is an integral part of a sound financial security plan. Yet, getting your insurance protection does not necessarily have to a complicated endeavor.

Applying for your Visitors to Canada insurance policy only takes a few minutes and it is entirely online, so you can do it anytime and anywhere!

Just follow 4 simple steps below and receive your insurance confirmation via email right away:

1. Calculate Personal Quote: The first thing you would want to do is to see what are your personal insurance options. In our free online Visitors to Canada insurance calculator, simply select your Visa Type, amount of insurance coverage, coverage dates, your age and whether or not you
have any pre-existing medical conditions that have been stable for at least 180 days before your insurance starts, so you can view the list of all available insurance plans from Canadian providers
with displayed product prices.

2. Select Your Plan: Once you see your quotes, you might be wondering which plan to choose. Don’t worry, if you are unsure of the difference between displayed insurance packages, you can click on the small “scales” icon in the list of options provided and select several plans for a benefit comparison. Moreover, you can click on “Plan Details” to go over a summary of insured services, eligibility requirements as well as other important information.

3. Review Your Coverage: Thirdly, review the official plan description by accessing Policy Wording for the chosen insurance plan on our website. Policy Wording is issued by the insurance provider and it outlines plan’s benefits, exclusions, coverage limitations, applicant’s eligibility as well as claims and refund procedures. Make sure you know how your plan works, before you apply.

4. Purchase Your Policy: The last step is when you fill out an application form and complete the purchase. The whole process takes only 5 to 10 minutes. You will be asked to provide basic personal information such your name, date of birth, start and end dates for the insurance as well as your contact information in Canada. Once the application form is complete, you will confirm the price and make a purchase using a credit card. Then, an automatic email is sent to you with your insurance policy certificate right away.

That is it. You are now all set! If you have any concerns at any stage of your application process, free to get in touch with us using a contact form on our website!

Wondering what exactly Visitors to Canada insurance covers? No worries, let us shed some light on it!

Although each Visitors and Immigrants insurance plan slightly differs from one another in terms of price, policy terms as well as certain benefits and their limits, all of them provide core emergency health coverage outlined below.

– Emergency Medical Care
– Follow up Treatment
– Emergency Return to Home Country
– Ambulance Transportation Services
– Emergency Dental Repair Services
– Dental Pain Relief
– Laboratory Diagnostics / X-Rays / Tests
– Prescription Medications
– Paramedical Services of Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist and other specialists
– Hospital Accommodation and Treatment
– Services of an In-Hospital Nurse and Private Duty Nurse
– Purchase or Rental Medical Appliances

For a detailed list of insured services provided by Visitors to Canada insurance, please read the Policy Wording for each insurance plan of your interest.

Important Notice: Unfortunately, medical insurance for visitors to Canada has its own limitations as it only provides emergency-based coverage for unexpected sicknesses, injuries or other accidents, the treatment for which cannot be reasonably delayed.

NO coverage is provided for any routine physical and eye examinations, non-emergency visits to a physician, continuation of an ongoing treatment as well as other cases of seeking medical assistance that are not considered “emergency” according to the Policy Wording of each particular insurance plan.

1. Q: Who can apply for Visitors to Canada Insurance coverage?
A: Medical emergency insurance for Visitors to Canada is suitable for people, who are either not eligible for any provincial government health insurance plan in Canada or awaits its (re) activation. Eligible categories include: Super Visa applicants and holders, tourists and temporary visitors to Canada, New Immigrants, Temporary Foreign Workers, Returning Canadian residents, people with an implied immigration status in Canada.

2. Q: I am applying for a Super Visa. What are the official IRCC requirements for an insurance coverage?
A: Super Visa insurance must be 1 year in coverage duration, have at least $100,000 total benefit limit, issued by a Canadian insurance company, be valid for each entry to Canada and available for a review by a POE officer at the Canadian border. In addition to the above, eligible insurance policy for Super Visa program must cover repatriation (also known as Emergency Return Home), hospital accommodation and emergency medical care.
All of the insurance product offered on our website comply with official requirements of the Government of Canada for Super Visa program.

3. Q: Is it worth buying Visitors to Canada for the duration of my stay?
A: Absolutely yes. If you are travelling to Canada for a visit or as a resident eligible for government health insurance (after the waiting period of 3 months), it is essential to have a proper insurance policy to secure your financial stability and have a peace of mind knowing that you will not have to pay out-of- pocket for your possible medical emergency needs. Being uninsured in Canada may turn out to be costly as a single day spent in a hospital could cost thousands of dollars. It is also important to get your insurance for the whole duration of stay in order to avoid any risks of having your coverage expired if you happen to need it.

4. Q: Does Visitors to Canada Insurance cover non-emergency treatment costs?
A: Unfortunately no. Although each private insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage for emergency treatment including hospital bills, dental repair, ambulance and so on, it does not cover everything. Limitations include routine check-ups and non-emergency services such consultations, tests as well as continuation of an ongoing treatment.
For a detailed list of insured services and coverage exclusions, please see the Policy Wording for an insurance plan of your interest.

5. Q: What should I do if there is a medical emergency and I need to see a doctor?
A: In case you find yourself in a situation of an urgent medical care need, the first thing you or someone on your behalf should do, if physically possible, is to call the Emergency Assistance Centre (phone number can always be found on your policy confirmation and policy wording). In so doing, you are notifying the insurance provider that you require medical attention and would like to use your policy to cover treatment costs. Once you have notified the assistance centre, they will open a claim file for you, so that you can visit medical specialist and have your insurance take care of the bill.